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Trick or Treat! This isn't a trick, come get your treat from us!

We want to celebrate the spooky season with you guys! We'll be running this promotion from October 26- October 31st! We can't wait to see you all with your costumes on!

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Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to let everyone know that we will be adding Oat Milk as a base that our customers will be able to switch to if they want to make their drink non-dairy! We want to make our drinks as customizable as possible, so we are also opening up the option for customers to switch out their tea bases! You will now be able to switch out the tea base of any drink on the menu for your favorite: Jasmine, Four Seasons, Ti Kuan Yin, and Oolong!

We hope that this will allow everyone to create their perfect mix to enjoy!

We can't wait to see you all again soon!

Stay healthy and safe


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