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About Us

Our Philosophy 

Here at OinkMoo, we strive to use the highest quality ingredients to create the most satisfying signature drinks for our customers. We source our teas from a variety of different places around Taiwan to ensure the best quality and taste. Each of our teas is unique in its own flavor and is blended together with our other high-quality ingredients to create the perfect balance. 

We have a drink for every palate—with a variety of flavors, toppings, and customizable sugar and ice levels, you will find a drink that you love.

We value each and every one of our customers and we want to make sure everyone will have a truly refreshing experience.

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About Our Teas 


Our Jasmine Green Tea is from the Xingbei District in Taiwan. It is made of smooth loose green tea leaves, naturally scented by layers of jasmine blossoms. Our tea leaves infuse a natural clear jade color into the tea and allows the drinker to experience a naturally fragrant scent.

Ti Kuan Yin 

Our Ti Kuan Yin tea is from the Mushan District in Taiwan. This tea is also known as the Iron Buddha because the tea leaves are a dark color similar to iron. It is surprisingly expansive in taste and usage and brightly floral with a refreshing aftertaste that seems to linger forever.

Four Seasons 

Our Four Season Tea is a high mountain tea that has been hand-picked and hand-processed utilizing traditional methods. It is an excellent daily tea with a smooth sweet taste. It can be harvested four times during the day and thus is called four seasons.


Our Oolong Tea is from Nantou, Taiwan. It has a distinct flavor with a caffeine content that falls between black tea and green tea. The tea leaves are oxidized in direct sunlight until they give off a precise and pleasant fragrance.

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